About Laurent Schweitzer

My need for creation has first materialized through gouache drawings for jewellery. Some of them have been realised, giving existence to shapes and mixes of noble materials like precious and semi-precious stones, rare woods and leathers, and a variety of metals. But these projects, having been subcontracted by crafstmen, left me no room for a more personal involvement (However, I intend to design and realize jewellery again in the future).

Having followed since my childhood the creative works of my mother, and having an (instilled ?) personnal taste for the material, glass suggested itself to me as an obvious and available medium of creation. This, my studies and readings on the subject gave me a preliminary approach of glass.

One of the most fascinating aspects of glass as an artistic medium, is its capacity to allow complex manipulations of the light that reaches its surface, and can be reflected, absorbed, transmitted or diffused... or a mix of the four.

Working with glass, I try to foresee the behaviour of my creations in various surroundings and lightings. The perception and feeling of glass pieces can, probably more than those of objects made from other matierials, vary tremendously with the environment where it is set.
As an artist, I aim to create pieces with multiple meanings, leaving to the viewer directions and room for thoughts.