Thann, dans les grandes lignes  -  Thann, in outlines

The theme of the 2010 edition of the "Ateliers d'Art de Vieux-Thann" biennal exhibition was "the line". Of the countless possibilities it offered, I choose a very simple concept :

First resuming a place to its outlines with several straight lines and circles (here 47 and 11), then using the widest range (approximately 40 variations) of techniques to draw the lines and the surfaces they delimit ; differenciating the significative sections from the others and maintaining the lines continuity.
The obtained picture, made of four pieces of glass joined by copper bars, shows some landmarks of Thann, a little town in southwestern Alsace.
These four pieces of two-layered glass have been decorated from the inside with various inclusions and from the outside with various techniques of warm and cold working.

Beside the pleasure of realising a complex piece, I had the possibility to show a personal view of Thann.

Realised with Eve Schweitzer.
The old oak frame is from a window, salvaged from a building renovation site.

Size (cm) : w x h : 62 x 124


"The witch's eye" : Section of tower, as it was after its fall during the destruction of the Engelburg castle after the annexion of Alsace by France.

Two landmarks facing each other across the Thur valley : The ruins of the Engelburg castle and the Lorraine cross on the Staufen, commemorating the Liberation of Alsace at the end of WW2.

The Rangen, southernmost alsatian vineyard, is an exceptionnal "terroir" by its very steep slopes, its volcanic soil and full south "exposition".

St-Urbain chapel, snuggled in a small recess in the vineyard.

Vosges mountains in winter.

The spire of St Thiebaut collegiate church, a yellown sandstone lattice.

On this view, no less than fourteen materials have been used with thirteen different techniques.

Near the bottom : Roofs of medieval Thann and the church of Vieux-Thann.