Les Ateliers d'art de Vieux-Thann

Les Ateliers d'Art de Vieux-Thann (Art workshops of Vieux-Thann) are a non-profit-making organization, founded in 1952 in Vieux-Thann (Alsace, France, near the swiss and german border). Their members are artists, in majority non-professional, who work in various media of creation :

- Wood painting
- Silk painting
- Chinaware painting
- Ceramics and modelling
- Watercolour
- Embroidery and textile art
- Wood carving
- Plants fiber paper
- Glass kiln and cold works.

Every two years, an exhibition allows the member to show some of their creations. The last two had for themes : "Le merveilleux" (Wonder and marvels) in 2008 and "La ligne" (The line) in 2010.

After having been a member in the nineties, Eve Schweitzer initiated in 2008 the rebirth of the Glass section of the Ateliers d'Art de Vieux-Thann, years after its disappearance, and has been leading it since then.

Her Son, Laurent Schweitzer bring her technical support, especially with her experimentations with materials and techniques.